Vocab Cheat Sheet

Not sure where to start? Neither were we! Let us give you a few definitions that should help get you going.

Agender: Not identifying with any gender.

Cisgender: A person whose gender identity is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth.

Expansive: An all-encompassing term to refer to those whose gender identity pushes back against society’s traditional concept of the gender binary. This includes people who are transgender, creative, agender, fluid, et al.

Gender: A person’s sense of identity and outward expression as male/female/non-binary/agender/other.

Gender Creative: Someone who does not adhere to stereotypical gender norms through one’s own gender expression and identity.

Gender Identity: How we feel ourselves to be gendered. One’s gender identity may or may not coincide with the sex they were assigned at birth.

Gender Expression: How we present our gender to the world. This may not align with the gender that society assigns you, based on current social and gender norms.

Gender Fluidity: A person whose gender fluid may identify as both male and female, based on how they are feeling from day to day. The concept of gender fluidity rejects the idea that gender is somehow fixed or permanent.

Non-binary: An all-encompassing term for people who don’t adhere to traditional gender assignations. People who are trans, fluid, creative, et al., often consider themselves to be nonbinary.

Queer: A term that some people use to identify with being non-binary or expressive. It can also be used to describe one’s willingness to explore their gender-identity and sexual orientation.

Sex: A person’s biological characteristics that were used to assign a gender when they were born.

Sexual Orientation: A person’s sexual attraction, the label often being based on the gender of the person and the person’s gender to whom they are attracted

Transgender: A person whose gender identity is different from the one they were assigned at birth.

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