Arrow’s Story

arrow drill

Hi, my name is Arrow. I’m a “normal” kid just like any other kid. The only difference is that I’m transgender. Really it’s not that different. I’m 11 years old and so far my journey has been pretty awesome. I think my sisters like having a protective older brother even though I like to annoy them sometimes. My parents have been super supportive and they love me a lot. Getting to be who I really am feels great. It was really hard when I lived as a girl. It wasn’t who I really was and I felt stressed and anxious all the time. School was hard in 4th grade. People made fun of me and teased me about my gender. My parents let me switch schools and it’s been better. I get to use the boy’s restroom and no one teases me there. My friends (my really close friends) don’t care that I’m transgender. They like me just because I’m me. Arrow